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Thursday, 21 February 2013

I once pointed out how unpleasant people connected to Oakham Town Council are.

And I am told I am wrong

When Councillor John Nowell and Cllr Dodds made racist comments at planning meeting
no action was taken.

Today I was directed to Mrs Nowell's Face Book page.

Sure enough I found evidence of racism amongst her posts example below.

I find it very odd the way these people connected to our local governance
keep pretending the are better than the rest of us.

When I read the common language shared by this woman, I find it shocking
that these people still go around pretending to be local dignitaries.

Update: The following post originated from The British Freedom Party.
The sort of post you would expect any no racist to share?

What surprises me more is this family support this view, when they received
£50,000 of public money to set up a publishing company. Which now records
£30,000 of debt and employs no one apart form their family.

I wonder who the real spongers are?

Good to see the council supporter has set up another twitter account 
and as normal their intelligence can only produce insults.

sm ‏@smm123456789
@OakhamUK This isn't racism, u bafoon. And who is the real sponger? u r Brookes u spend ur days trolling the internet on tax payers money

My only response  is it is  my view the post shared by Mrs Nowell confirms the Nowell's racist

I refer to the planning meeting at which Mrs Dodds raised concerns about foreigners moving into
Oakham Cold Overton Road and lowering house prices in Oakham.

Cllr Nowell at the time chairing said it was unfortunate that the council has to approve the planning
application, blaming the governments immigration laws for allowing foreigners into our country.

@smm123456789 for trolling I leave that to you have a nice day xx

If there comments regarding foreign people and housing are not racist, then  what are they?

Its interesting the supporter has nothing to say about the £50k this family has plundered.

My JSA does not total anywhere near what Cllr Nowell family has received in tax payers

And let us not forget either are likely to be charged soon by Leicestershire Police Economic Crime
Unit for the attempt to defraud Oakham Town Council last year.


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